Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

We had an awesome 4th of july with our family. We spent all day at the pool and followed up with a parade on our street and fireworks. We put the girls down and sat outside. Our neighbors drove to Alabama and spent $500 on fireworks, and they were pretty impressive. Maddie was a little nervous, but pretty brave and sat with me a few houses from the festivities. Guenter sat up closer, I am pretty impressed I thought for sure they would be scared!! Below are some pictures of our day!!

The Kryszon family before the parade:

The kids swimming at the pool, notice Maddie swimming ... not bad for 3!!

The kids laying around ... the girls were asleep under the canopy!!

Guenter showing off.

Maddie ready for the parade!

Guenter at the parade.

The girls ... Kylie on the left, Kendall on the right.
The girls getting ready to take their nap at the pool, they will swing for up to 3 hours!
The gear it takes to get to the pool ... not pictured is the huge canopy that Guenter pulls as well. Lots of gear and work but well worth the few hours we spend up there!