Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Some pics!

Kendall almost 6 months.

Kylie at almost 6 months.

Having some tummy time with Maddie and Guenter. Check out M and G's tans!!

It has been a while since I last post. We have been busy this summer spending most days at the pool. We have a waterslide and mushroom with zero entry in our neighborhood so we try to make it most days. It is quie a feat to get everyone there, but worth it! On the weekends we bought an 10 X 10 instant canopy and pop that up, for the girls. They will take a nap in their travel swings we bring for them, sometimes sleeping up to 3 hours. It is wonderful to spend time with Maddie and Guenter without the girls!! Guenter is swimming awesome, and brown as a bear. He can swim on his back as well as across the pool (25 yards)! Maddie also started swimming and can swim about 10 feet, but has not learned how to come up for air, not bad for a 3 year old!! The girls also love the pool, we set them up in their swimsuits and put them in baby floats which they love, but also love to drink the water. We went today with a good friend and they were cooing away in their floats.
Kendall and Kylie are growing like weeds and quickly developing their own personalities. Kendall is the more agressive of the two, loudest, and neediest. Kylie is more laid back and the quiter of the two. Kendall is the class president and Kylie is the thinker of the two!! She might be our future doctor. They are almost 6 months (on Friday). They are sitting for around 2o seconds, Kylie is better than Kendall but I also think it is b/c she has the patience for it, Kendall gets frustrated easily!
For those of you who are dying to know, I have lost all my twin weight and am fitting in most of my pre-preggo clothes! YEA!!! I have worked hard at the gym, and it is nice to have something to show for it.
I will post their 6 month stats, after their appointment in mid-July!!
Hopefully I will have more pool pics soon!!