Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Forsyth County champs and a visit from the stomach bug!

Last weekend Guenter's 5 year old baseball time participated in the Forsyth County Championship tournament, after 5 games and a nail biter last two they won the tournament!!! Yankees 17, D-backs 12 . Victory is wonderful especially since their moms were maniacs ... yelling at the ump and everything. Our neighbor Andrew, closed off the game by making a triple play (he is only 5, yes!!) ... look for him in the major leagues in a few years. Guenter won the game ball in the semi-final game by making the last RBI and finshing the score with 13-12. In the final game he did great at short stop and was like a wall, nothing passed him! He also hit the ball off the coach ... no T during every inning.

Here he is with coach Todd after the game:

Oh yeah, during the middle of the tournament our entire family ... yes our entire family was hit by the stomach bug! Just when we changed the sheets on one bed they would throw up again and again ... I hate the stomach bug!! Thanks to my in-laws who came to help while I was hanging my head over the toliet. It was a rough two days. Luckily we are all fully recovered, except for my poor Father-in-law who got it a few days ago ... what a trooper.

Last but not least, here is a new pic of a healed Kryszon pack:

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also known as shell said...

hey allison! it was good meeting you at the pool today! you have a beautiful family! I'd love to go with to the pool with you when you go next!