Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Forsyth County champs and a visit from the stomach bug!

Last weekend Guenter's 5 year old baseball time participated in the Forsyth County Championship tournament, after 5 games and a nail biter last two they won the tournament!!! Yankees 17, D-backs 12 . Victory is wonderful especially since their moms were maniacs ... yelling at the ump and everything. Our neighbor Andrew, closed off the game by making a triple play (he is only 5, yes!!) ... look for him in the major leagues in a few years. Guenter won the game ball in the semi-final game by making the last RBI and finshing the score with 13-12. In the final game he did great at short stop and was like a wall, nothing passed him! He also hit the ball off the coach ... no T during every inning.

Here he is with coach Todd after the game:

Oh yeah, during the middle of the tournament our entire family ... yes our entire family was hit by the stomach bug! Just when we changed the sheets on one bed they would throw up again and again ... I hate the stomach bug!! Thanks to my in-laws who came to help while I was hanging my head over the toliet. It was a rough two days. Luckily we are all fully recovered, except for my poor Father-in-law who got it a few days ago ... what a trooper.

Last but not least, here is a new pic of a healed Kryszon pack:

Maddie our funny child

Maddie loves to play with her dolls now, and I was in the kitchen cleaning and came back to find the dolls in the boppy's (just how I feed the twins at home alone) with their bottles by their sides.
How cute is that!!

Guenter graduated!!

Guenter has graduated from preschool! It was such a cute ceremony. They sang a few songs, and then followed up by calling each preschooler's name. He did awesome singing, and did all the hand motions (much better considering in 3 yr preschool he picked his nose during the entire christmas ceremony) to the songs. He is growing up and so excited to be starting Kindergarten at Sawnee Elem, in August! Way to go little G, we love you!!

The 4 year old preschool class of 2009!

The graduate!

Thanks to my mom for entertaining Maddie, and my dad for filming!!

My mom

Just a little blip about my mom. She has been through a tough time recently, having been diagnosed with breast cancer (Stage 1 ) in November, then followed with a double masectomy and reconstructive surgery in December, and some touch up work done recently. WoW !! That is a lot of surgery, but she is completly recovered and cancer free! She is doing great and looking foward to finding a new job soon. Love you mom!! She is definetly a fighter, has not complained one bit through all of this. She is definetly a breast cancer warrior!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Maddie is three!!

Our little princess turned three last weekend. We celebrated by having a party with a few friends from her playgroup. They enjoyed putting stickers on a personal bucket and then going on a treasure hunt ... looking for buried treasure!! It was a hit, basically I laid out a few buckets filled with sand and goodies inside and the kids went to town. We also had a jumpy in the garage which is always a hit with the kids! Maddie loved her present from Mommy and Daddy ... a Cinderella dress .. she loved parading around the house in it.

She is quite the girl around here and very inquisitive. We like to call her the bag lady or hoarder of the family. She loves to stuff anything into any sort of container and carry it around the house. It does not matter what it is, if it has a hole and is capable of being stuffed with something she is set ;-0!! She loves to give hugs and cuddle, we love you sweet girl!! She is starting to write letters and can even write part of her name. We look foward to her starting preschool this September.
And of course here is a picture of the growing girls , who are about to enjoy some baby food!!