Tuesday, April 28, 2009

4 Months!!

Kendall and Kylie had their 4 month check-ups. So here are the stats:

Kylie Mae:
Height: 24.75 in. 68 %
Weight: 14 1b. 3 oz. 62 %

Kendall Grace:
Height: 24.75 in. 68 %
Weight: 14 1b. 8 oz. 69%

Way to go girls!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter - Circus Day - G's 5th Birthday!!!

We have had an eventful April. We started with Easter and ended with Guenter's 5th Birthday. In between that we had Circus Day events at Guenter's school. We have been busy!

Guenter was a tiger at his schools circus day performance. It was put on by all the Pre-K classes. He did an awesome job .. stayed in character the entire time!
Here he is arriving in his cage pulled as you can see by one of the circus clowns!
A few days following the circus performance, they had Circus Day. This is put on by his preschool as well, and includes games, food, pony rides, and a moonwalk. The kids really enjoyed this. Each child and parent has to help out with a game, his class had the "gator walk". Guenter was really not so intrested in helping and would have rather been running around playing ... but at least it was only a 20 minute work session. Kudos to my father-in-law , Guenter, for coming to help me out!! (Imagine that, another Kryszon named Guenter ... I know it's a little confusing!!). The ticket to get in the whole production was a costume, so here is Maddie and Guenter below as Batman and Tinkerbell.

Below are some Easter Pictures taken at my in-laws house:

.....you can't make everyone happy!!

Kendall here at our house with Pop-Pop ... we kind of think she looks a little pyscho ... can we say Chucky!!!

Lastly we celebrated Guenter's 5th Birthday!! He is so old! I can't believe it has been five years since we first layed eyes on him. Time goes by so fast!
We rented a moonwalk and invited the boys from his class, along with a few neighbors and other friends. They all had a blast!! It was also wonderful weather, the kids stayed outside most of the time. Poor Guenter got a bloody nose when another child ran into him in the moonwalk. But after a quick change of clothes and a little coaxing from Daddy he was back to it. Here are some pictures below of Guenter and his friends at the party.

That is our neighbor Andrew next to Guenter, and Seth from his class.

(taken a little before the party with Kylie)

A few of the boys from Guenter's class.

Andrew, Guenter, Sean, and Little Ryan in the background (Andrew's Brother).

Say Pizza!!

The rest of the crew.
Happy Birthday big boy!! We love you so much!