Saturday, March 28, 2009

March Photos, Happy 3 months K and K!

Happy three months Kendall and Kylie! Kendall is on left and Kylie is on the right.

This is alligator, he is the girls long lost sibling ... he is the third triplet. Lil G thought Kendall and Kylie would like to play with him.

Our family of 4, the girls look huge compared to the last family pic!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy and Sad


Last night the girls slept through the night ... 8:30-5:30!!! Yeah!!!


I am weaning myself off the pump ( I have been pumping for almost three months .. but my supply has dwindled b/c I have not been bringing the girls to the breast). Part of me regrets not trying harder to get the girls to eat simultaneously at the breast. It was so easy with Maddie and Guenter, they never had a bottle of formula or breast milk ... EVER. They nursed to over a year. This has been very emotional for me, I know that formula is fine and they will be perfectly healthy ... but in my ability to be super mom I want them to have the very best. That darn Mom Guilt is killer!! I think a few months from now I will not look back, it is just hard b/c I have a constant reminder that I am not breastfeeding with my engorged breasts :-( .

My little Yankee

Guenter is playing 5 year old baseball at Midway Park near our house. They had a preseason tournament last Friday and he hit the ball from the coaches pitch 3 different times, and one of the T. He was so proud of himself, it is neat to see how well he has improved since last season!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

We are big girls now!

Kylie in her big girl seat :- ) !

Kendall in her big girl seat! They look so old sitting upright.