Saturday, January 24, 2009

A little help from my friends ...

Every now and then you need a little help with your paci. This is Kendall on the left and Kylie on the right. They are 3 weeks old in this picture.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Funny sayings

Guenter has become the age where he is very curious and his statements can be so funny! Here are a few recent ones:

Mom, why do you have all those spots on your face (noting my freckles) ... my response is "because God made me that way". He responds, "boys don't have spots".

While Guenter and Maddie were playing in the bathtub he turns to Maddie and says, "Maddie when you are bigger you are going to have BIG boobies, but boys don't have boobies"

I walked into Guenter's room the other day and he was laying in bed with his teddy bear on his body and I asked him what he was doing, "I am feeding my bear my boobies".

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Almost two weeks old

We have almost made it through the first two weeks! We are slowly adjusting to little sleep but the girls are settling into a groove at night. They go 3-4 hours between a feeding before awakening again. This has left us with around 6 hours total (not straight!) of sleep a night. It could be worse! Maddie and Guenter are adjusting to not being the top dogs all the time. They are great kids, and have really created a best friend bond with each other, because Mommy and Daddy are so busy. Guenter has had to help me in the middle of the night with feedings. Basically I pump and feed one and he feeds the other. We are doing breast milk only (but in a bottle). This is new to Guenter as I solely breastfed Maddie and he did not have to help at night.

Guenter is still very curious about the girls, and is constantly asking ... "why are they crying, which one is that mom, can I pet her head, can I hold her" it is amazing the difference in age between Maddie and Guenter in understanding the concept of the girls. Maddie tends to hang back when it comes to the girls, and is still not very interested.

We still do not know if the girls are identical. They are starting to look more alike every day. There is a test for $200, that you can have done to check for identicals. We might end up doing it more for curiousity than anything.

Guenter will start back at work full time next week (he has been doing 1/2 days at home). So I need prayers!! I tend to feel a little out numbered, it is like a daycare center around here (1:4 ratio) . I look foward to being able to get out more when the girls are a little older.

As far as my C-section goes, I think I am doing awesome. I stopped taking ibuprofen and am in very little pain and can do most things now. I will have to say that I would take a vaginal delivery over a C-section any day. I think it takes away from the fun of the delivery. But we are thankful they are here ... and we are done with having kids! We are now complete as the Kryszon 6!!