Monday, November 24, 2008

32 Week Twins update

I had my 32 Week appointment with Atlanta Perinatal Consultants. They did an high level ultrasound of the girls. Kendall measured at 4 lbs. 5oz. and Kylie measured at 4 lbs. 7 oz. , they measured 32 weeks 2 days and 32 weeks 4 days respectively. I should be measuring at 32 weeks and 2 days, which means great growth!! Praise God! Kendall is right on the 50th percentile and Kylie is a little above that. The only negative news is Kendall flipped which means two babies butt first ... a C-section is in the cards for me. We want healthy babies and I am willing to endure a little pain to allow for the girls to come safely into this world! I will be seen pretty much every week from here on out, either by my OB or Perinatal Consultant. I imagine a planned C-section will happen anytime after December 27th, before the new year. We pray that they stay in till this time, grow big and healthy so we can come home with two almost 7 pounders :-) !!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Pilgrim Pride

Here are two pictures from Guenter's Thanksgiving celebration at school. The first picture of the Thanksgiving Feast which followed the singing production in the big church. He is sitting next to his friend Seth, who also lives in our neighborhood. They made their own place settings, including the mat and napkin holder. The second picture is when the classes entered the sanctuary, we were waving at Guenter and he did not even glance over to look @ us. It was actually pretty funny! Guenter and the 2,3,4's and Kindergarten sang a few songs ... there were probably at least 100-150 kids on stage, it is quite adorable. The 2 year olds were turkeys, 3's were indians, 4's were pilgrims, and the kindergarten were the chiefs. He did much better this year and actually sang the songs and did all the hand movements. Last year he stood on stage, and made absolutely no movement ... no singing or even gestures! He might not have a career in drama, but it is very cute! I can't wait to see Maddie next year as an Indian when she is 3. Thanks to my Mom and Guenter and Lynn (my in-laws) as well as my hubby for joining the celebration!
Update on my mom: She will be having a double masectomy in December, she of course is very nervous and would appreciate your prayers. She actually only has cancer in one breast but b/c she is having reconstructive surgery following it is better to have both done. They will be taking her belly fat and reconstructing two new breasts. It is like getting a tummy tuck (if you have to look at a positive). The positive is this will keep her from having Chemo. Thanks for the prayers, she really appreciates it! She will need prayer for a quick recovery, which can take over a month.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Fall

Here is a pic of the kids having fun in the leaves in our backyard. Hope everyone is enjoying a happy fall!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween and the visit of the Stomach Bug

We had a great Halloween. Guenter dressed as Batman and Maddie as Tinkerbell. Guenter paired up with his friend Andrew who lives across the street and attacked the entire neighborhood. They were running so fast that Maddie and I could not keep up, so Guenter and I had to split up. Maddie and I stayed back and went around the neighborhood with our other neighbor Anna Lee. That is one of her best friends! They were so cute, at one point they stopped and played ring around the rosie in front yard of a house in the subdivision... they didn't quite have the ambition that Guenter had. This is a picture of Maddie and Anna Lee (Dorothy) followed by a picture of Guenter and Andrew (Red Power Ranger).

Our other exciting adventure this week was a visit by the stomach bug. Maddie started it on Tuesday. I thought I was out of the clear by Saturday but unfortunately was not. I ended up at Northside Atlanta getting fluids and medicine to stop the vomiting as well as received two shots to stop the contractions. Luckily we were released at 2:00 in the morning and went home and I am finally feeling better today. Monday afternoon lil' Guenter came home from school with it, but looks better already this morning. Lucky for him there is no school, because of election day.

I had an OB appointment yesterday and the doctor checked my cervix, after all of those contractions and we had no change!! He said things looked great, and barring that I have a perfect pregnancy the babies could be induced the week following Christmas. Happy New Years!!

We had a bit of bad news, my mom has some cancerous lumps in her breast. She will be having some MRI's this week to see the extent of everything. She is very upset and nervous about everything to come. Please say a prayer for her healing, and comfort. We hope that this is localized to her one breast and that treatment will not be to invasive.